Initial Contact

One of the hardest parts about therapy is the initial contact. There are many questions that go through a person’s mind about what therapy will entail, if the therapist will be a good match, and many other things. I hope to be able to answer questions the client may have during an initial phone consultation, free of charge (and no obligation). During this phone call, a brief history of the client and a general description of current struggles will be gathered to assess if psychotherapy is the proper course of treatment.

First Appointment

If we decide to continue, an initial appointment can be scheduled. During this 50 minute appointment, I will discuss with the client what precautions will be taken to ensure confidential treatment of information, and the expectations of the working relationship. Written information that outlines client’s rights and HIPAA regulations of confidentiality will also be provided. We will also work on building a basis of understanding each other, and finding out if we will be able to work well together. If at any point, a different therapist is desired, I have several diverse referral options.

And Beyond

The modality of therapy I utilize is typically relational psychodynamic in nature, which tends to be more reliant on exploration of emotions, personal history, and relationships – though there is room for direct assessment of problem areas and ways to cope. As is the norm, sessions tend to be around 50 minutes in length, and occur once a week (or more if necessary). Further details are explored over phone consultation and initial session.

As always, there is much more to starting therapy than what can be written down, but if you would like, you can see more information, or contact me directly to set up a consultation phone call.

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